Friday, 24 November 2017
The Tracker™ Line
Heavy Duty

Heavy Equipment

Light Duty

Freight Container

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What you Get
Standard Features
- Real-time GPS location
- Anti-theft & Anti-tow features
- Alerts by telephone, text message, email, fax
- Idle time
- Automated Emergency Response Plans
- Reporting
- Geo-fencing
- Supports any fleet size
- ALL-HAZARD operations
- Access from web
- Tractor and trailer status
- Trailer lights on/off status

Wireless Sensor Options
- Accident detection
- Cargo movement
- Engine / auxiliary power running
- Temperature
- Door / hatch position
- Temperature / Humidity
- Wireless Panic Button (for wrist or keychain)
- Tanker volume level
- Diesel fuel measurement (includes theft warning)
- Locked brakes


Whether you are just starting out or have a large fleet, HDT can start working for you immediately. Start with simple GPS reporting and grow into sensor system monitoring for your trucks, trailers, cargo and drivers.
Big Rigs, Big Loads, Big Responsibilities!

Track, Secure & Manage Vehicles, Trailers, Cargo & Operators

HeavyDutyTracker is our name, but tracking is just a small part of what we do. HDT offers a fully-integrated operations management and security system for your truck, trailer, cargo and drivers. Offering ALL-HAZARDS ALL WEATHER operations and wireless sensors and communications, you can afford to have bumper-to- bumper protection from pick-up to drop-off.

HDT incorporates advanced wireless sensors that allow you to "peel-n-stick" monitoring and security sensors anywhere you need them.


Works on all makes & models of tractors, trucks, and trailers!


AFFORDABLE and Saves You Money & Time!
HeavyDutyTracker is VERY AFFORDABLE, not complicated, easy-to-install and use, and can grow with your business. Don't wait to SAVE MONEY, IMPROVE QUALITY, INCREASE REVENUES.

01/12/10 - HeavyDutyTracker asks all of you to please support the Victims of Haiti. You can make a donation through the American Red Cross.

11/11/09 - HeavyDutyTracker supports and thanks our Men & Women of our Armed Forces. We support the US White House Commission on Remembrance.

10/19/09 - We thank Elite Express, their drivers and maintenance crews for supporting our Truckers for Charity food and toy drive.
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Your Rig is Your Lifeline
"HDT allowed me to capture a whole new set of customers. These "higher end" customers such as pharmaceutical manufacturers were looking for real-time visibility on their cargo. Things like temperature, humidity, movement, and vibration where requirements. Not only did I get a one-year contract, but the customer couldn't believe we could provide the information. With HDT it was a snap!." Charlie C.
HeavyDutyTracker protects my rig when it's moving, parked, or in for maintenance. By protecting my rig, HDT is protecting my family. I can't afford equipment or cargo theft, getting lost, or unproductive road time. HDT works!" Miguel S. Independent Trucker

"Our fleet started off with 1 HDT system. Then we added another, and then started implementing units on our reefers. We will have our fleet of over 150 trucks outfitted next year." Joe M. fleet co-owner
HeavyDutyTracker is pre-configured at the factory to meet your specifications. If your requirements change, no problems. HDT is easily modified by you "over-the-air." It doesn't matter where your tractor or trailer is located, you have full 24/7 access.